Our expertise covers the following areas :

  • Rights of Indigenous Peoples at the international level (focus on Africa, Indigenous women and girls, United Nations Mechanisms on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, etc.)

  • Holistic research

  • Engagement, consultation and partnerships with Indigenous Peoples

Activities included in a non-exhaustive manner: 

  • Support for the writing of articles, studies and reports based on a human rights approach and Indigenous perspectives

  • Training and capacity development

  • Indigenous-led holistic research (Indigenous languages, women, health, sustainable development, etc.)

Why entrust your work to Association Tinhinan?

Our team has in-depth knowledge of Indigenous issues at the international level (long experience at the United Nations); regional level (work and broader network of different nations, communities, governments, and Indigenous organizations); and local level.

We also have in our team professional experts in various fields, having collaborated with different stakeholders, such as Indigenous representatives, governments, United Nations agencies, funds and programs, NGOs and academics.